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shyrokyne: Swan Song. ukraine's internally displaced people

Update: Many people who watched this documentary contacted us to donate food and money to the people featured in this doc. As such we were able to deliver both food and money to several of the Shyrokyne victims (see update 28th Oct-3rd Nov) and have organised regular deliveries for them, courtesy of a local church. Thank you for your support and kindness. 

Shyrokyne: Swan Song was a difficult documentary for us, not only physically but also emotionally. Despite being just 12km away from Mariupol, the village of a Shyrokyne is now a ruin and has been uninhabited by civillians for the last 4 years. 

After making multiple visits to the village, we decided to reach out and connect with some of the ex-residents. Meeting them, we able to hear the untold stories from Ukraine's Internally Displace People. This is the story of their escape from the village, the relatives they lost, and the struggle of how they live now, struggling to rebuild their lives without proper state assistance. 

Shyrokyne: Swan Song is a depressing, hard to watch, anti-war documentary, but serves as an important reminder of the suffering that continues as a result of this war.

Mariupol: city of blue and grey

We never intended to make a documentary about the terrible ecology, low quality air and undrinkable water in Eastern Ukraine, but spending time in Mariupol make these issues something that's impossible to put out of mind. 

As such, we decided to use our spare time collecting footage of the factories, interviewing the local activists and experts, and asking the public on their opinion on Mariupol's two giant metal works. We even managed to tour one factory, Azovstal, and see how things work on the inside.

As a result, we managed to make Mariupol: City of Blue and Grey, which has been our most viewed documentary ever. Giving voice to both sides, it's a story of city vs industry, with hope it'll help bring the international attention this situation desperately needs, and encourage reform for the lapse Ukrainian environmental laws.

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