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a year on the ukrainian frontline 2019-2020

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An upcoming documentary about Europe's forgotten war

The experiences, stories & realities as told by the soldiers & civillians affected by this war... 

Over the last 11 months I've been in living in Eastern Ukraine, beside the frontlines and trenches of the war that wages there between Ukraine and Russian Proxies. During my time here I've captured some incredible interviews, footage and stories which will go towards a documentary, showing a year in the life on the Ukrainian frontline, all in 4K.


Due to the long time I've spent here, I've been able to make a name and form a strong bond and connections to a lot of the people here, and as such have many in-depth interviews,  providing a more honest and realistic narrative of this war.  

Having followed the news coverage about Ukraine for years, I'm confident that what I've made is different; a more frank and in-depth look at the situation here as told by the combatants themselves.

2019 was an interesting year along the frontline, a spike in hostilities and a new Ukrainian President being elected; vowing to bring peace to the region. 

As further disengagement and a lasting ceasefire is looking more likely in 2020, this might be the only documentary that shows the final year of the Ukrainian War, and the loss and devastation it brought. 

The making of 

The majority of this documentary has been self-funded, with some support coming from previous crowdfunding efforts, and donations from our growing audience.

There is no team behind me, nor company or organisation supporting the project here. The journey of making this documentary began when I set off solo from the UK in my car and drove across Europe to Eastern Ukraine, intent on finding out the situation for myself and bringing it to the screen.


Filming with just myself and a translator created perfect documentary-making conditions, allowing us greater access to certain areas and enabled us to keep a more personal approach when it came to interviews.

You can find out more about that journey here and here

The Impact

This documentary is unique as it'll help serve as an important reminder to those in The West and in Ukraine of the realities of the war that still rages here. Despite the misconception of a 'frozen war', the situation on the ground still remains deadly for soldiers and civillians, with very little factual, impartial information being made available to the west. 

As Ukraine moves slowly towards further disengagement, and possible EU and NATO membership, I want to use this film to memorialise the struggle and loss which was endured along the way and ensure that the voices and victims of this conflict are remembered in future years.

Next Steps

Having spent almost 12 months on the front, it's now time to move onto the next stage of the project and begin the edit; crafting the final film that'll tell the story of 2019. 

I plan for the majority of the editing to take place in Kyiv, with the help of some locals who are passionate in seeing this story brought to life. Funds permitting, while in Kyiv I'll also finish the project with a full sound mix, original music and a professional colour grade to bring the final film to cinematic standard.


While we remain in the edit, we are beginning to look for a distribution deal that will help get this documentary seen by as many people as possible. During my time in Ukraine I have also been running a YouTube Channel, featuring other documentaries and weekly updates, which have gauged interest around the world, and built up an audience waiting for this final documentary. 

If you're interested in helping us take this documentary to the next stage, please do get in contact with us here.

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